Vex 4

About Vex 4

Many gamers believe that in most cases only the first parts of a game series can be successful, while further episodes are not interesting at all. But this is not about Vex 4 and the whole series. Each game pleases the fans and attracts them with an abundance of various tasks, like consist of huge cliffs, high mountains and tricky traps. All of them greatly complicate the life of Stickman, but the brave little man is ready for adventure and is always eager for battle.

The game scenario entices in no time and captivates gamers for a long time, because you can’t leave the main character without help - he himself can not cope with all the hardships. Therefore, you need to demonstrate all your skills and think over the game plan in advance. It is then that Stickman will be able to go very far, overcoming all the difficulties and dangers on his way. It is necessary to constantly monitor the number of deaths without exposing the character to fatal damage.

Vex 4 is a great game that will definitely appeal to every gamer who prefers well-thought-out physics and an abundance of difficult levels to colourful and attractive graphics.

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