Vex 3

About Vex 3

In a short time, the new part of Vex 3 managed to win a huge number of fans. Naturally, this demand has become possible thanks to the previous episodes, which millions fans continue to play. Lively Stickman is still the main character of Vex 3; he has somewhat improved his already excellent physical capabilities, which now allows him to pass more difficult levels and go through obstacles.

The new version has noticeably fewer tips, so the game process is much more interesting, because now you should not only be smart but also inventive. Of course, the main help remained, so that you don’t wander for hours in search of the next move. The graphics are still concise, but it attracts gamers more. And so do well-developed physics and dynamics. In the new episode, there are enough new levels, obstacles and much more to delight the players. It will not be boring for sure, so you should play right now and help Stickman overcome all dangers!

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