Vex 2

About Vex 2

Meet an old friend in the new version of the game Vex 2! Stickman doesn’t like to rest for a long time and is constantly looking for problems, so you won’t be bored. He remained very flexible and agile, and the main reason for his being is constant travels, which cannot be called peaceful. On the contrary, his world is full of danger, but Stickman loves it!

The new adventure leads this active man into a very dangerous trap, and now he needs to do all he can to get out of it.

From the very beginning, the game entices players, so it’s hard to break away, as you need to help Stickman to overcome all obstacles. The protagonist doesn’t sit still, jumps great, runs fast and climbs unimaginable heights. It is important to think over his moves in advance and not to linger - only in this case you will pass even the most difficult levels. You’ will enjoy the excellent physics of the game, which adds positive emotions to the gameplay.

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