Vex 1

About Vex 1

Vex 1 is a quite primitive game in terms of graphics, but this didn’t prevent it from becoming one of the most sought after and popular. The main character - Stickman - is a clever and agile little man who is constantly looking for adventure. The character is simple and can only jump, but the game is optimally designed in terms of physics, therefore everyone will definitely enjoy it.

We should also say a few words about the plot of Vex 1. On his way to victory, Stickman, who has a great potential, is constantly confronted with various obstacles. Crazy stunts, lots of possibilities and quite difficult levels will definitely please you. You need to demonstrate the full range of your skills and artfulness to help the protagonist get out of even the most difficult situations.

You should trust Stickman's capabilities, and then he won’t be stopped by a complex world full of dangers and troubles. It is important to think through all the steps in advance, which will allow you to constantly win and rejoice at what has been achieved. The game will appeal to fans of the genre, since it captivates with its simplicity and excellent physics.

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