Exciting line of Vex games: close to danger

The world of Vex is considered a rather dangerous and unpredictable place. Fortunately, to be able to navigate it, players are accompanied by a fastidious but very courageous protagonist, small Stickman. In each of the Vex games, he has to run, jump, climb different heights and slide, avoiding many fatal and very dangerous traps that the platformer levels abound.

The difficulty increases as you progress, there are various moving platforms, ponds and much more interesting obstacles. For a successful game, you should get to the flags in order to be able to revive if the character dies. A green whirlwind, playing the role of a door, will help you to climb to another level. You should demonstrate maximum artfulness and agility in order to get to the finals, getting real pleasure from the game.

First parts of the exciting platformer

The concepts of parkour have long attracted attention; therefore, they have been used in many stories. One of the best gaming solutions in this category was the Vex series of games, which has the following advantages:

  • exciting levels;
  • increase in difficulty as you progress;
  • variety of stunts, speed, deadly obstacles, and mazes.

This game is elementary in terms of graphics - linearity, image plane, self-confident Stickman. To improve sensations and quality, you should use different settings - change gravity, use the strong points of the main character for a confident game.

Stickman is a simple little man of black color who will face serious problems. In general, the rest of the world is pretty colorless, too, but this doesn’t mean that the future will be boring. The game is well thought out in terms of plot and physics - it will be easy for no one! The main character has high potential, is able to perform incredible stunts, which allows him to overcome a dangerous path. You need to think through his every step or trust intuition, passing obstacles and completing levels. In Vex 2, it all continues and is accompanied by similar action-packed story, dynamics, as well as exciting events. The platformer has no amazing graphics, only minimalism, conciseness and modest system requirements. But the game doesn’t lack popularity, as thousands of gamers have already managed to appreciate the benefits enjoying the complex and interesting process.

Third and fourth part of a dynamic action game

After the release of Vex 3, many users decided to play the first parts again, leaving the new one for later. This wish is understandable because the entire line provides interesting plot and not the easiest levels.

The third installment has several changes. The number of hints has decreased, which makes the path of the protagonist even more interesting and spectacular, and in many situations you need to look for a way out on your own, relying only on logic and intelligence. The graphics don’t resemble more serious projects, but this has little effect on the plot, introducing the world of parkour and nothing more.

In the Vex 4, the previous mistakes were carefully considered and corrected, while the game itself remained equally attractive and unsurpassed in terms of physics. The gameplay allows everyone to jump, run, slide and make their way through the tough hardships experienced by Stickman. The little man himself is absolutely calm and focused, although in the new application he will face a lot of threats and fatal situations. The new episode of the game has 9 full-fledged levels, mods of various complexity, and more exciting things.

The protagonist is also characterized by courage and dexterity, preferring a quiet life to extreme entertainment on the way to success and exciting adventures. In each game, Stickman wants to be better and strives for excellence so the players should help him complete all levels quickly and efficiently.

No need to waste time looking for great platformers - the Vex line is considered one of the best in this segment, providing a lot of positive emotions, as well as a challenge to fight fears and develop mindfulness. Only bold and lucky ones can succeed in all Veks plots!

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